Photo shoot with Anni's Looking Glass Photography

In this blog I would like to write about all things dog related - training, tips, toys and how to make them yourself and everything that comes to mind. But first of all: I hope you noticed that most of the photos on the website look quite nice and professional. And in this very first article I would like to thank the wonderful person responsible for this.

In December my oldest friend Anni (Anni's Looking Glass Photography) came to visit me. She is one of the most talented and passionate photographers I ever met. Jack and I had the pleasure of modelling for her and we got some of the most beautiful pictures I could wish for. 

What makes Anni's photos so special is that she is not only an amazingly talented photographer but also the empathy she shows her four-legged models. At no point during the shooting did I have to ask her to stop taking pictures of Jack (he is not very fond of cameras in his face ;-) ). She knew when it was time to give him a break and more importantly she knew how to motivate him and present hi in the best way possible. 

 Hopefully we will be able to organize a bigger photo shoot in the near future. So if you are interested in getting pictures taken of yourself or your family or pets, please sent me an email and I will forward all requests to Anni's Looking Glass Photography.

Here are some of the photos that I love but wasn't able to publish on my website or Facebook page yet:








You will find more info about Anni here: