Terms and Conditions


1. rates for one-to-one sessions include the call-out fee for homes within a radius of 20km from Youghal, Co. Cork

2. lessons have to be prepaid and can be cancelled without charge up to one week before the scheduled sessions for one-to-ones or up to two days before the scheduled sessions for group lessons. After that 50% will be charged

3. if a lesson needs to be terminated (II.2) no refund will be given

4. a lesson is 60 minutes long which also includes any additional questions the customer might have

5. lateness of a customer will be at her/his own expense

6. one-to-one lessons will be given at the owners home or a previously agreed upon location

7. I reserve the right to cancel or reschedule lessons for urgent matters. In this case the customer may be refunded if this is requested and the lesson is not rescheduled



1. The training methods used and taught are all based on positive reinforcement

2. violent punishment through the owner will lead to termination of the lesson, provided it is not stopped after one request to do so

3. the owner is required to provide treats for their dog(s)

4. dog(s) must be equipped with collar, harness and lead



1. the trainer does not assume any liability for any behaviour the dog might show

2. the customer assumes full liability for the dog even if he acts on the trainers request and even if he/she is in a lesson environment on private grounds

3. the customer is advised that training may be dangerous and trips, slips, bites and suchlike may occure. Neither the trainer nor the owner of the premisses (owner's home excluded) is liable for this



1. the trainer does not guarantee that the training methods will lead to success at all times

2. the trainer does not guarantee that training success will occure in the provided timeframe

3. the customer will be advised that training can only be successful if followed strictly outside the lesson environment as well



Any media or documents (including handouts with instructions) and training videos are copyrighted and may not be duplicated or passed on through the customer.



The trainer reserves the right to change or expand the above terms and conditions without any previous notice.









Youghal November 15th,2016